Maison Notre–Dame du Chant-d’Oiseau, B-1150 Brussels, Belgium

1-3 September


Living with the Other

an exploration of differences and similarities




Celebrating Border Meeting: 60 years of a cross-border Quaker family


Speakers: Janet Kreysa of GYM and Pieter Ketner of NLYM, will lead us through some of the highlights of earlier Border Meetings. George Thurley of EMEYF will lead us in worship sharing to end the evening.


Can we be Friends: together with Quakers worldwide?


Speaker: Gretchen Castle, General Secretary of FWCC (Friends World Committee for Consultation) will speak about her experience of the many aspects of Quakerism.


What do we understand of Islam: what do we Quakers need to learn?


Speakers: Phil Gaskell of BLYM will talk about early Quaker contacts with Islam and offer some reflections for present day Quakers seeking a balanced understanding of Islam and its followers; Hajib El Hajjaji, of Centre Collective contre Islamophobie en Belgique (Center against Islamophobia in Belgium)

will speak about the experience of being a Muslim in 21st century Belgium.


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