One Direction – Two Paths


"As a Quaker and a Jungian psychoanalyst I feel at times that I am following two paths, both leading in the same direction."

"As a clinician I feel at times the Presence, what Jung calls the Self, is working in my practice, between the client and myself, as in the gathered meeting. It is not the therapist who heals, but the Spirit present in the space between us."

Nancy Krieger explores with us the parallels between Jung's and "Jungian" psychology and the Quaker way.

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To start the border meeting , Susanne Odeh  will welcome us on Friday evening with her thoughts on body -emotion-spirit, interspersed with practical exercises.

12 - 14 September, Jugendakademie Walberberg near Bonn

Registration ends 31st of May.

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Parents with children please contact us early.

Prices are 115 € per adult in a double room and 135 € per adult in a single room.