Theme: Border Meeting – At the Borderline

People of different cultures and value systems are arriving in our Western European countries, seeking refuge. In the long run this will have an impact on our social structures and on the question of what cultural values we lay claim to.
How do we as Quakers - both as an organisation and as individuals - react to this phenomenon?
Must it inevitably lead to a clash of cultures? Or will the values of all parties become diluted through a process of amalgamation?
What can we learn from each other? Which values are important to me?                                         
Which way do we go? Towards a „multiculti“ society? Towards social inclusion? Integration? Segregation?
Are the human rights and values which Quakers have stood up for and worked towards in the past now endangered?

Start: Fr, 9.9. at 18 h (arrival 16 h)
Ende: Su, 11.9. after lunch (13 h 30)
Registration until: 31.6.2016  (see web form)
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overnight stay inclusive all meals, bed linen and towels
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